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Medical Billing Services

If your medical facility is in need of excellent medical billing services, look no further than Excellent Medical Billing Services LLC. Over the years, we have helped countless practitioners, clinics, and their patients simplify the billing processes for medical procedures.

Whether you’re looking to maximize reimbursements or rid yourself of excessive paperwork, we can help you.

By contacting us, you can reap the countless benefits of in-house billing services for only a fraction of the cost. Our affordable and competent services will reduce workplace stress, add efficiencies, and more. Call (407) 302-4606 to request our services today.

Partner with Professional Medical Billers

When you enlist the services of our third-party medical billing company, you’re not simply outsourcing services—you are engaging in a partnership. We don’t simply relieve you of tedious paperwork—we transform your workplace, maximize your revenue, and so much more.

Our agents play an integral role in the communications between your patients, insurance companies, and medical providers such as yourselves. We make sure all medical services are tabulated correctly prior to billing, ensuring we process every claim accurately.

Granting Your Staff Relief

The administrative staff of any medical facility knows that there is more to medical billing than simply submitting claims. With this line of work comes the correcting of errors, thorough reviewing of all tabulated care and services provided, and endless fee reviews. With third-party medical billing, your staff can redirect their energies to more important in-house matters that enhance patient comfort.

Our services won’t just benefit you, they’ll benefit the patients—and that’s the most important thing at the end of the day. Contact our offices to speak with a representative.

Comprehensive Medical Billing Services for You

We pride ourselves on the diligent nature of our staff. With us, you won’t just find yourself with more time on your hands—you’ll find yourself with happier patients, greater reimbursements, and peace of mind. Alongside our conventional services, you can also expect:

Payment Plans for Patients

Rather than let delinquent payments fall to the wayside until much time has passed, we prefer to work with your patients from the very beginning. At the outset of their treatment, we will help them establish a manageable payment plan. This compassionate approach takes time, but as your third-party service provider, we’re wholly committed to the task.

Audit and Submit Claims

After your patients have undergone treatments, we will go over the services rendered and submit the claims to their insurance providers in a timely fashion. If there are payment discrepancies, we will contact the providers ourselves.

Talk with a Third-Party Medical Biller

Do you have questions about our third-party medical billing procedures? Are you curious as to what qualifies an individual or a company to generate claims, submit claims, and prepare patient statements? At Excellent Medical Billing Services LLC, we believe all your questions and concerns are valid. We are more than happy to answer your questions at a time most convenient for you.

Schedule your in-depth, no-obligation consultation today by calling (407) 302-4606.

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