Our Services

More Money to the Bottom Line

Imagine increasing the efficiency of your practice workflow, while simultaneously enhancing your cash flow visibility. Imagine having more time to work with your patients and practice the skills you love. Imagine having experts at your fingertips to handle so many of your cash related tasks.

Excellent Medical Billing Services is a web-based billing solution with experience, technology, focus, and world-class customer service to take care of your medical practice billing. We can manage this process for you from beginning to end. We will reduce your overall billing expenses, increase your claim-filing efficiency, and improve your receivables visibility.

Our services include:

  • Insurance verification
  • Appointment scheduling   
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Manual claim submission (when required)
  • Patient statements
  • Appeal of denied claims
  • Claims tracking
  • Collections
  • Insurance and facility credentialing
  • CAQH updates
  • Fee schedule negotiation
  • Electronic and health records management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Excellent Companion Care 

We also have a team that assists with day-to-day operations to improve processes and systems for any type of business including:

  • General Bookkeeping
  • Payroll

We are dedicated to providing high-touch customer service and saving money for our clients. We customize our offerings for each practice and we don’t require long-term contracts. As we continue to grow across Florida and around the country, we want to give medical practices everywhere the opportunity to see the difference and experience the Excellent energy, passion, and attention to detail.