Excellent Medical Billing Service (EMBS) is an SBA minority-owned business. Founded by Lillian M. Ramos, a commercial invoice specialist for more than 28 years who continues to be committed to the day to day operations of the company. Lillian is also a Kaplan University graduate in the Medical Billing Technology field, a Certified Florida Public Notary and Member of Cambridge Who’s Who Association. She is passionate about helping her clients maximize their business growth and promoting faster cash flow. EMBS specialize in electronic and manual medical billing submission for most insurance company carriers. They also provide day to day practice assistance to their clients including: patient and appointment scheduling, electronic medical & health record, claim tracking, and much more. EMBS’ commitment goes beyond saving you money by engaging a team that is enthusiastic, customer service driven and very detailed.


Resilience and sheer determination are two words that come to mind when speaking of Lillian Ramos, Founder & President of Excellent Medical Billing Services. One can look at life’s adversities and chose to make excuses or use them as building blocks to help you achieve the unimaginable. After a lifetime career working in the billing & accounting field, Lillian identified an opportunity to transfer her skills and finally unleash her entrepreneurial spirit after she was downsized from her last employer; making the shift to the medical billing field in 2009 and giving birth to Excellent Medical Billing Services (Excellent). In launching the company, Lillian remained humble and laser focused in knocking on every door and speaking to every single person that would lend an ear to hear about her vision for Excellent. Her focus and commitment to delivering the best customer service experience and building strong relationships are part of the reasons her company continues to grow at such progressive rate. In 2012, it was these qualities that earned Lillian the recognition of Worldwide Who’s Who Professional of the Year in Medical Billing. “Life is small so make it bigger” has become one of Lillian’s favorite quotes. Today Excellent is an SBA certified company utilizing specialized proprietary software that enables the company’s footprint to continue to grow beyond Florida. In the upcoming years, Lillian’s vision is to conquer every market and every state, giving medical practices everywhere the opportunity to experience the “Excellent touch”.


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