Medicare’s ICD-10 grace period has expired and you can no longer count on payment for your claims that include unspecified ICD-10 codes — even if they are from the right code family.
The problem is that unspecified codes have been overused, and Medicare and other carriers have said “ENOUGH.” This means that unless you know how to find the most specific diagnosis codes, your claims will be denied.

We will have number of new codes and guideline revisions that will be implemented for 2017.
In the prior years, new codes have been created and deleted as a result of bundling mandates from the AMA’s Relativity Assessment Workgroup (RAW) for the purpose of identifying potentially misinterpretation services.
New codes also will be introduced to describe procedures that are currently not described within the CPT code set, such as cry ablation of phantom limb pain and much more.
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