What Makes an Effective Medical Practice Manager?



Often, I have been asked what I feel makes a good or effective practice manger. There are several qualities that come to mind that makes one practice manager better than another.

To really be an effective practice manager one must possess most, if not all of the following qualities.

  • Practice mangers must have the ability to use good judgement and fairness in the day to day operation of the medical practice.
  • Organization, flexibility, and most of all, being approachable by the staff.
  • A really good practice manager truly cares about the employees and can be calm during a crisis and is open to constructive criticism.
  • Communication skills are key to any good practice manager, but in my opinion listening skills are at the top of the list of qualities a great practice manager will have. Most complaints from physicians and employees are about disagreements, attitude, and gossiping between managers and employees in the office. Nothing will destroy a good working environment more than discontentment between the practice manager and the staff of an office.

Now let us look at some of the characteristics of a successful practice manager.

  • When you see a really good practice manager you see someone who is generally interested and enjoys people. He or she wants their employees/staff to achieve their goals and most of all they give credit to their staff for ideas that they come up with and they do not take credit for ideas their self.
  • Great practice managers position themselves next to their employees rather than sitting in an office away from everyone else. Remember you might be a great leader but if you are leading from behind closed doors no one can see what at great leader you are, so get up and move about the practice, help where needed, and show your staff that you care and are there to help them succeed and reach their goals.
  • Really great practice managers set a good example and demonstrate respect, work hard, have gratitude and show kindness towards all employees.
  • They have proper work ethics, on time, and they don’t take unscheduled days off. They also stay up-to-date with the necessary information and education.

A practice manager should be able to step into any office related job in that practice and do it with some degree of expertise. Most of all, never forget the power of a thank you.

Source: https://www.aapc.com/blog/35193-what-makes-effective-medical-practice-manager/

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